Here are some of the common F.A.Q we answer in Navi4all
1. ¿What means 1 DIN and 2 DIN?

2din units: The units are of ISO standard double din size. 178(W) X165(L) X100(H) mm, this will fit most of the cars. Sometimes are called like this also the “by car make” units but is because the part into car dashboard is usually 2DIN, the frame and connectors of “by car make” are specific.

1din units: LThe units are of ISO standard single din size. The fitting size of the units is 178 (W) x 155 (L) x 50 (H) mm. Please check before purchasing.
2. No Memory for Preset Stations,etc.

If there is no memory, for example, unit cannot remember preset stations etc., please check your connections and reverse the red and yellow wires. B+ yellow wire is the one used for this.

3. How To Connect The Reversing Camera To the Unit?

he reversing camera comes with a 6m yellow cable which is used to connect to the screen. Connect the power cables to your reversing light or reverse gear.Be aware, there should be one camera detecting wire from your car stereo, which should be connected to positive power as well.

4. Will The Headrests Fit My Car?

The width and height of the poles holding up these headrests are adjustable; they are universal for any car. Simply take out your old headrests, put the new ones into the slots, then let the wires to go through from the holes of the poles through the seat so that you can reach the wires at the bottom of your seat. Bring the wires to the front and connect to the power cables and other car entertainment units. Please check if your car has airbag or similar into headrest, if so its better install another kind of headrest like this

5. Can I Connect Play Station / Xbox With This Unit?

Yes. The units come with universal connection wires. All you need is to get an adapter. You can buy the adapter from any of your local electronics car shops.

6. How Can I Be Sure Of The Quality Of The Product I Order?

All items are new and tested straight from the factory and come with two year warranty from date of purchase. We have been in business for years.

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