Warranties and Returns

Warranty and Returns

Return and Repair Conditions.

A) Right of withdrawal: You have 14 days from the reception of your order to be able to return it. It is essential that you always contact us through the support form so  we can process your return. In this contact you must expressly request the withdrawal indicating the data necessary to locate your purchase. No requests will be handled without order number or those made by parties other than the buyer. HERE you can download the withdrawal form. You must follow the instructions for sending the return as directed by our Customer Service department.

You must follow the instructions for sending the return as directed by our Customer Service department.

In cases of deterioration of the product or open package, Navi4all.com will not accept the return for withdrawal.

The client runs the entire costs of transport and management.

In cases of return due to withdrawal and, unless indicated otherwise, the amount will remain as credit for purchase on the web of any other product.

There will be no withdrawal on merchandise or orders that may be considered for their special characteristics as requested by the customer, such as accessories purchased in main product options.

This is not for unpacket products which are exactly as auction decription, neother for used products. Of course for this cases if any problem you have warranty.

Changes from one model to another are not allowed.

B) During Warranty: If any of the items purchased presents any problem during the warranty period, you must notify it through the Support area, where it will be required to indicate the order number. You must also indicate the problem or reason for which you want to request the use of the Warranty. If it is determined that the change or repair of the product must be carried out; you must ask for an RMA certificate (mandatory to be able to return the product (s)).

C) If I receive a damaged or malfunctioning item?: Although we carry out exhaustive tests of each product, if it is the case, all the articles that present a manufacturing defect, can be returned before 7 days of the reception, to the address that we indicate to you when you communicates us in Support, and notified as soon as possible. You must ask for an RMA certificate (essential to be able to return the product (s) for replacement). In these cases all cost that involve the replacement will be at our expense. If you do not notify us within the first 7 days you must proceed as indicated in section B.

* The repair, replacement or change of the product is subject to stock availability.

D) The guarantee of the products sold by Navi4all.com is provided and established by virtue of the regulations contained in Directive 2011/83/UE European Parlament and Council on guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods, a legal framework that aims to facilitate the Consumer different options to demand sanitation when the acquired good does not conform to the contract, giving him the option to demand repair or replacement of the good, unless it is impossible or disproportionate. When the repair or replacement is not possible or is unsuccessful, the consumer may demand the price reduction or the termination of the contract.

Navi4all will try, as far as possible and according to stock, to solve the problems within 7 to 15 business days, from the solution to the problem through assistance and / or software updates of the products, until the article is returned for replacement or repair. According to this law, the seller is obliged to deliver to the consumer a good that is in accordance with the contract of sale under the terms established by the law, considering these goods as “personal property intended for consumption Private “.

Article 4 of the Law on Seller Liability and Buyer Rights will apply: “The seller shall be liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the goods. Of this law the consumer is recognized the right to repair the property, to replace it, to reduce the price and to terminate the contract. ” This responsibility of the seller for the lack of conformity of the good will be extended to those that manifest within 6 months from the delivery of the good, and must inform the consumer to the seller of the lack of conformity in the term of two months since he became aware of it (article 9.4).

All this terms are apply to European Union clients, not european Union clients contact us please.

However, the guarantee in the second year will be the one marked by the brand. In the second year, there is no understanding of a defect of conformity, automatically

Request of RMA Certificate

  • The products return require a RMA Certificate. This will be issued for  Navi4all.com after previous contact of customer, contact where customer explain the desire of request a repair or replacement, Navi4all will issued all RMA documentation needed, after customer request, we will send to customer the RMA Certificate.
  • The RMA Certificate is a form to include into package of product for return (inside the box), and a label to put outside the box (Label is only provided in first 14 days since received)
  • The returns without RMA Certificate, won´t be accepted, even if include any other documents, and package will be send back to sender. The RMA Certificate allow us to filter early the package received for reparation or replacement.

Product Warranty

Products purchased at Navi4all.com have different warranty periods depending on the type of product. In order to manage the guarantee, the customer must submit / provide the order number and, if applicable, the invoice when required.


New Products: These products have a guarantee of 1 year from the date of purchase (date of invoice)+1 year of repair parts disposal.
Repaired Products: The repairs of the products have a guarantee of 6 months from the time the repair is made effective.
Accesories: The accessories of the products, controls, USB cables, antennas, rear cameras and in general all the accessories that do not constitute the main product, will have a limited warranty to 1 month from the reception of the same ones. However, the customer may purchase the accessory in question at cost price during the first 6 months.

*In all contacts customer need to indicate the order number, otherwise won´t be possible locate your product and order.


Important: Purchase a product without constituting themselves as final recipients, to acquire, store, use or consume goods or services, in order to integrate them into production, transformation, commercialization, professional activity or rendering to third parties, thus not benefiting from the rights granted to consumers. In the same way, we remember that Navi4all.com is not responsible for defects or problems caused by improper installation of the products.